When it comes to watches, apart from precision and reliability, aesthetics are also very important. Our variable watches have all these qualities and they are a good expression of your personality because the exchangeable watch case, leather bands, and gemstones create endless combinations. 


        August Veeck has expanded the program of Puzzle Uhr by Pierre M. and Traco AG. The variants of case and dials with a different design can be seen here along with the variety of narrow straps and smaller gemstones. Shown here are only a few of many ways to combine the puzzle clock with the band and stones.


Our watches are not only functional and have a high technical standard but are also aesthetically pleasing and very contemporary. Whether modern or very classic - you will find the right combination for your taste!


The narrow leather bands are offered in more than 50 different colours. The buckles are made of stainless steel in silver and gold colours. The length is 23.5mm. 


Advanced Puzzle System of leather straps 32mm wide.



This piece of the puzzle is mostly 5mm thick. The hole of the clockwork setting is 26mm thick.



The consequence, of being born in the heart of a metropolis for gemstones, is my love for the rock world which has anchored a development in my genes. Therefore resulting in several ideas. 



Namibian Calcedony, Natural Agate, Stalagtite formed Agate and Thulite become a practical an aesthetic jewel. 




Traveling to Africa and Madagascar inspired me to create watches of engraved rock crystals from Idar-Oberstein. In this collection of the Puzzle Uhr, animals are shown in relief. The liveliness of the elephant was achieved through 9 different shades of grey. 



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