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        IdarOberstein (200 km South West of Frankfurt) has a long history of cutting and polishing gemstones and today is one of the leading centers in Germany for designing and manufacturing jewelry.


        Originally using local stones but later using a wide variety of imported gemstones from around the world. The Twin Towns flourished as a center for excellence in gemstones, design, and jewelry.


        One of the early companies in Oberstein was the firm "August Veeck", founded in 1842, Which was originally involved in cutting and polishing gemstones but later were so goldsmiths and wholesale dealers.

                           Factory buildings in 1983

        The company has adapted to changing fashions and today the owner and operator are Ellen Veeck (Dip. Mineralogy) who took the business over from her mother, Mia in 1997.


        Ellen now runs a wholesale business as well as her retail shop which is located beside the picturesque Museum Square in Oberstein. Ellen is able to offer top quality craftsmanship and manufacture which she combines with beautiful gemstones into her own contemporary jewelry designs.


Das Stammhaus seit 1842

<<Die Hauptstr.422 - der"Marktplatz" im Stadtteil Oberstein>>

beim Aufgang zur Felsenkirche.



Individueller Schmuck neben interessanten Weinen

<< Am Kirchhor 9 in Bernkastel an der Mosel>>

In der Fußgängerpassage von Mosel zum Marktplatz



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Die Felsenkirche wird vielleicht wieder in 2022 geöffnet

Due to rock works, the church is expected to be reopened in 2022. (Who knows!)


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