Mystery amber


        Amber may contain insects, (occasionally frogs and lizards too) moss, or pine needles that have been trapped for millions of years in the resin, since the resin was sticky. Air bubbles may give amber a cloudy appearance but heating in oil will take them away. The biggest deposits of amber are in the Baltic region, particularly along the coast of Poland. Amber is also found in the Dominican Republic, Mexico, France, Spain, Canada, Romania, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Burma, and Italy. 


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       Amber has medicinal uses attributed to it but is used nowadays primarily in jewelry. It has been imitated by synthetic resin, glass, and plastic. Amber has very low density. A true test as to whether or not you have a genuine piece of amber is to put it in a solution of kitchen salt and water. This is a common test to check amber as plastic will sink, and amber will float. A commonly encountered kind of amber is called "reconstructed amber," where small pieces of amber are compressed under heat to form a larger piece.


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