Zircon and Diamond Pendant

Zircon, which Japan calls "hyacinthite." The origin of the source may have evolved from the Arabic "Zarkun". The original meaning was "Cinna and Yinzhu". Another said that it was derived from the ancient Persian "Zargun", meaning "golden yellow". As for the current use of the name "Zircon" was first used in 1783 AD, it was used to describe the green zircon crystals from Sri Lanka. According to legend, among the twelve gems worn on the chest of the Jewish bishop, zircon is known as Hyacinth. It is said that Hyacinth, the alias of zircon, was recounted by Hyacinth.


Exclude meteorites flying outside the sky. According to current research, this material is not the oldest fossil of living (3.5 billion years ago), but zircon is 4.3 billion years old. Because of its high temperature (above 3000°C), high pressure, and weathering resistance characteristics, zircon surpasses many other rock remelting, magmatic invasion, metamorphism, weathering, and other rock circulation effects. No wonder a geologist, Professor T. Mark Harrison of the University of California at Los Angeles, said: "Zircon is eternal!"


This necklace is a representation of zircons embellished with diamonds​


Zircon, Brilliant cut Diamonds 0.30 cts, 1.41 cts, 750 gold



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