White illusion



“The world is illusion..”


        Shankaracharya was one of the greatest yogis, he was a great authority on the subject of Advaita Vedanta which is an essence of Indian spiritual philosophy.


        He always believed that the manifested world was not the reality but an illusion and the truth is the pure nature of the consciousness. That means the soul is the reality which connects the individual to the universal consciousness and not the gross body and mind.



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        Once he was delivering a discourse on the subject to a group of intellectuals. He was teaching that what we see is an illusion and the experiences we have in the world is not reality. During his discourse, suddenly they all heard people shouting and running. It was a mad elephant running all over, destroying everything in its way, and injuring people. An animal would lift people with its trunk and smash them. So people at the discourse also started running.


        Seeing the elephant, Shankaracharya also started running along with the crowd. Some people and policeman caught the animal after a long struggle. The elephant was taken away. When everything settled down, all the people listening to the lecture came back, along with Shankaracharya and the lecture started again. A man who was in the group listening to Shankaracharya came up to him and sarcastically asked him “If you say the whole world is an illusion, and then the elephant is also an illusion, so why you were scared and started running?”


        Without taking time Shankaracharya replied “My dear friend, you saw me running…who said that was the truth it was also an illusion.”



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