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        On June 5, 1783, the French brothers of Montgomery used the balloons made of paper on the linen to inject hot air to successfully complete the unmanned balloon experiment. In September of the same year, they carried their first passenger flight at Versailles Square, but unfortunately, the first passenger to fly was not a human, but a sheep, a chicken, and a duck.


        Just like a dream, it must be a little difficult to be called a dream. A hot-air balloon is not a thing that you can try when you want to fly. It is an unpowered flying device. The ball skin is very sensitive to the temperature difference between the hot and the cold. In addition to the weather, it is necessary to be suitable for all aspects to fly. However, balloons symbolize freedom, enthusiasm, and hope for the future. When you forget your dreams, go for the fly to the sky and get an effect from it.


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