Mystic Lake Elf


        Perhaps in your heart, there is also a magic stone that you want to own but can't touch. Legend has it that there is a magic stone in the deepest part of the lake of youth so that the lake has the magic to restore youth. The stone is guarded by a lake elf. One day, a man came to the Lake of Youth to steal the Sorcerer's Stone. He began to come into contact with the lake elves, interacted with the creatures in the lake and was deeply loved by the fish and the birds. He came to the heart of the lake through the rounded wrists and unconsciously until the elves noticed that it was too late.


        In life, there are many things that inadvertently occupy your life, even your heart. Maybe the process is too natural or too sudden, and people often don't realize it. It turns out that the person, the thing, the feeling has quietly become such a weighty existence!


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