Gold cuffs

        The cuff became an important part of the shirt and it gradually came into existence after the 1530s for the purpose of keeping the cold out. At the time, either the sleeve ends folded (forms of the French double fold), or another piece of cloth is attached, and then the string is connected to the wrist so that the front part of the cuff will be like a flower and will be quite beautiful.


        In terms of fashion at the time, it was immoral to hide such beautiful cuffs, so the cuffs were arranged to reveal a few centimeters of the outer garments to allow the beautiful cuffs to be fully displayed. When the suit and shirt came together, the dress code of the shirt was also retained, and it has long since become an important rule for wearing a suit. Only the use of cufflinks, cuffs are necessary to reveal the suit, will show you a variety of beautiful cufflinks.

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