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        Coral has been used in jewelry for thousands of years. Coral is found in the sea and is made by small and simple marine invertebrate animals such as a coral polyp, which is related to sea anemones. The skeletons of these animals cluster together and build up over thousands of years to become coral colonies, reefs or islands. These colonies grow in branch-like formations. The most famous coral reef is the Great Barrier Reef off Northeastern Australia, which extends for more than 1,250 miles. Most of the coral used since antiquity has been used for ornamental materials. The oldest known finding of red coral dates back to the Mesopotamian civilization, i.e. from about 3000 BC. At the time of Pliny the elder, coral was apparently much more appreciated in India than in Europe. In the 1900’s, it was fashionable to marry the humble coral with the world’s largest and most precious gemstones, diamonds. Large pieces of coral are relatively rare and are saved for decorative objects or cameos.


Coralle, silver, € 32,00


Coralle, silver, € 103,00



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