AUGUST VEECK Jewellery, Minerals and Puzzle Watches
AUGUST VEECK Jewellery, Mineralsand Puzzle Watches

August Veeck is one of the oldest businesses in Idar-Oberstein, the gem city of Germany. Not only do we use the beautiful gems, that the city provides us, in our jewellery/schmuck but we also have a wide range of objects engraved out of stones, and raw minerals from all over the world. Our jewellery is updated to the modern design, catering to the needs of our customers. 

Most of our products are fashioned out of precious metals and minerals. 80% of our designs are one of a kind, handmade products. Our main objective is to keep our customers happy, therefore we also provide them customized designs, favouring their requirements. 






August Veeck
Haupstraße. 422
55743 Idar-Oberstein
Rheinland Pfalz, Germany

Telephone: +49 (0) 6781 22747
Fax: +49 (0) 6781 26167



Summer: Daily 10:00-19:00 h
Exception: Wednesday 10:00-18:00h
Winter: Monday- Saturday 11:00-17:00h

In case of a purchase, if a parking ticket is shown by the customer, it will be paid by us.


04.März - 05.März 2017 Lörrach
2017: 10.Jun + 08.Jul + 12.Aug + 9.Sep
05. und 06. August 2017

   Deutscher Edelsteinschleifer-

     und Goldschmiedemarkt

      05.und 06. August 2017

Do. 14. bis 17.Sep. 2017 Only for US military
Messe I-Oberstein 03. bis 05.Nov. 2017

Messe Stuttgart
17. bis 19. Nov. 2017

Stand Nr. 7 F 107

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